Turtle Trading Post


The Turtle Trading post is open to all students, as well as projects from low-income countries (or countries with high inflation rates), and folks in areas that are or have experienced environmental or humanitarian hardship (e.g., hurricanes/typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, war).


The goal of the Turtle Trading Post is so students and projects meeting the criteria above can benefit from surplus equipment and supplies from other projects. It is a raffle that is part swap meet, and part yard sale lottery.

It does not cost students or others anything to participate or benefit from this and it will mean a second life for field and lab equipment no longer in use! But we do rely on the greater sea turtle community to donate new or old (but functioning) equipment so that other projects may give second life to your gear.


Thursday 28th March from 5:30pm to 6:30pm


Napalai Foyer

How do I donate?

Please bring any items you wish to donate to the meeting. We will establish a drop-off table near registration at the symposium. All donations must be submitted by 12 noon on Wednesday 27th March.

For each donation (or lot), please fill out the donation form downloadable as a Word document and PDF (copies will be available at the registration desk as well).

Be sure to pack any donations with you before traveling to Pattaya. Please make sure that all donated items are clean and still operational/functional and have all the necessary parts. Donation ideas include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Unused/sterile (still in package) biopsy punches
  • GPS handhelds (still functioning)
  • Glass or plastic sample vials
  • Field notebooks (unused)
  • Tape measures
  • Old calipers
  • Rehabilitation equipment (no medicines/drugs, please)
  • Field gear (new: hats, rain gear/ponchos, buffs, sun shirts, etc.)
  • Sunscreen
  • Educational and outreach materials (non-project specific)
  • New or barely used field backpacks
  • New or barely used headlamps (with red lights)
  • Functioning cameras (with chargers, SD cards)
  • Rite-in-Rain paper
  • Data loggers
  • New water bottles
  • Multi-tools

If you have big ticket items (e.g. satellite/radio/acoustic tags or tracking equipment) languishing in your lab, even better! Please remember that CLS/Argos satellite time may prohibit some groups from satellite tracking, so consider sponsoring tag IDs, too!

Questions: contact Kate Mansfield

Pass the word! Collectively, we can help each other do more science!