Archie Carr Student Award

The Archie Carr Student Awards are given in recognition of excellence in student research. The awards are presented to oral and poster presentations in the categories of biology (studies of turtles and their habitats) and conservation (assessment of threats, studies of threat reduction, management, policy etc), and the Awards ceremony has become a much anticipated event at the annual symposium. Beyond the recognition, award winners and runner-ups also receive a cash prize.

To be considered for the Archie Carr Student Award, students must self-nominate during abstract submission by checking the 'Archie Carr Award' box. To qualify as nominees, individuals must meet and follow the following criteria:

  1. Have conducted the research as a student and be within 12 months of graduation;
  2. Be the presenting author of the poster or presentation; and
  3. Be the first author of the poster or presentation.

Students can nominate themselves only once for the award at each symposium; students who are giving two presentations must decide at abstract submission which presentation will be considered for the award.

Archie Carr Student Award Winners

The four winners of the Archie Carr Student Awards (two for biology and two for conservation, a poster and oral presentation in each category) were awarded a publication waiver for the work they presented courtesy of the academic journal PeerJ, a monetary value of USD$1595 per award. Details of two of the winners at ISTS42 can be found here.


While Student Awards were given sporadically prior to 1990, the Awards program was formalized when Dr. Anders Rhodin offered the support of the Chelonian Research Foundation in 1990 and named the Award in honor of Archie Carr. For many years, Dr. Rhodin chaired the student judging committee and later served as a judge. Without his vision and commitment, it is unlikely the Awards program would exist in its current form. The ISTS gratefully acknowledges the long years of Dr. Rhodin’s service and the support of his foundation.

See here for a history of the Archie Carr Student Award and here for more information about Dr Archie Carr.

Grassroots Conservation Award

One award will be given to the symposium presentation (poster or oral) that best demonstrates a positive contribution by a grassroots group or individual towards the conservation of marine turtles and/or their habitats. Presentations will be judged by 5 - 6 judges in a process similar to that undertaken for judging the Archie Carr Student Awards.

To be a candidate for the award, the presentation’s primary author must check the Grassroots Conservation Award box during abstract submission. They must also submit an explanation on how their group/organisation is having a positive impact on sea turtles and/or their habitats and meets the award eligibility criteria. The GCA Committee will review the abstracts and evaluate the eligibility of the nominees. Final judging decisions for the award will be made subsequent to viewing the actual oral and/or poster presentations given by candidates during ISTS42.

See here for more information about the Grassroots Conservation Award, who is eligible, and how to apply.

Frontiers in Marine Science Award

The academic journal Frontiers in Marine Science is awarding one publication waiver to a paper presented at or directly resulting from the ISTS conference, a monetary value of USD$3295.  The lead author must be someone from the Southeast Asia region.  This award will be specifically offered to a lead author or group of authors who may not normally be able to fund an open-access academic publication.

International Sea Turtle Society Awards

For more information about the International Sea Turtle Society Awards, including the Lifetime Achievement, Champions Award, and Ed Drane Award for Volunteerism, see here.